Ball Squeeze—Seated Exercise

Lymphedema is collection of fluid in the fatty tissue under your skin which causes the swelling of the body the fluid build up  is because of damage or poorly working lymph system of body

Lymphedema can lead to numbness, tingling pain in the affected organ and infection of the affected area as well if it remains untreated this can lead to serious health problems.

Patients who suffer from breast cancer are at greater risk of developing lymphedema in the arm and hand area the areas which are closer to the breast are more at risk learn more…

 underarm lymph node removal radiation and scar tissue  are side effects of breast cancer treatment which can lead to the lymphedema

In addition to several other treatments physical therapy exercises are also significantly helpful in treating the lymphedema here are some of the exercises which your healthcare provider or physical therapist can perform on your for treating the lymphedema of your upper extremities

Ball Squeeze—Seated Exercise

For performing this exercise use a flexible ball that is a bit larger than your palm exercise ball should be lightweight and offer some resistance to your grip

  • Performing this exercise sit or stand in a good anatomical posture and keep your back and neck straight
  • Now relax your shoulders and grasp your exercise ball lightly between your palm and fingers
  • Stretch your arm in front of you holding your arm higher than your heart level
  • Keep your arm elevated and squeeze the ball with your fingers as tightly as you can
  • Now hold this squeeze for about three seconds and then release
  • Repeat the balls quiz exercise for about 5 to 7 times
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Elbow Flexion—Seated Exercise

You can perform this exercise for your both arms for performing this exercise you will need a one pound free weight in each hand during this exercise

  • For performing this exercise sit or stand in a good posture and keep your back and neck straight
  • Now relax your shoulders and hold a one pound free weight in each hand with your palm facing upside 
  • Now rest your  hand on your lap
  • Slowly bend your elbows and lift both arm towards your chest when your hands are halfway up stop lifting and hold this position for about six seconds
  • After this slowly lower your hands back to your lap
  • Take rest for a few second and repeat this exercise 10 times
  • Be gentle while performing this exercise
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