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Foam Roller Techniques for Back Pain

To correctly use of form roller for relieving your back soreness you first need to identify the tender trigger points around your hips  buttock hamstring and upper back your physical therapist will help you identify the trigger points which are causing back pain in your case

After you have identified your trigger point and position the roller on one of these points using your core muscles lean into the spot to add additional pressure and slowly roll back and forth over the knot in one inch

Repeat this for 30 to 60 seconds don’t get frustrated even if you have to to hold the roll for 10 seconds in your first session it will be uncomfortable for you however you shouldn’t feel shooting pain or numbness during this if you feel immediately stop foam rolling and ask your physical therapist make sure to drink enough water after rolling session and incorporate muscle stretching to get the most benefit

These are the three most common areas where you may find the points and you may want to target those points with a foam roller to reduce your back pain

Iliotibial band:

It is a thick band of facial tissue that goes along the outside of the thigh from the pelvis to below your knee working on the trigger points in this area can help you to improve your range of motion along with several other muscle groups

Here is how to perform form rolling technique for this fascia

  • Sit on the floor with your right leg extended and your left leg slightly bent
  • Then position the foam roller under your right hamstring perpendicular to the leg 
  • Roll to the right side until the foam roller is on the outside of the right thigh and place your left foot in front of your right knee so your left and right elbow are supporting you during this
  • Now lean towards the back and balance the body between your right elbow and your left foot
  • After that roll your right leg up and down over the roller an inch at a time
  • If you feel any sore spot then pause on it for 60 seconds and take slow deep breath
  • Continue this for about 2 minutes
  • Switch your site and then repeat it

Mid-upper back: 

Releasing the tension in the area around your shoulders and just below your shoulders is significantly helpful to relax your back muscles and decrease the pain along the length of your back

For doing this place a foam roller on your back and position it under your shoulder blades

Now raise your hips slowly and lean into the roller move the roller up and down staying within the area of your shoulder blade until you find a sore spot

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