Knee dislocation and physical therapy

Dislocation of the kneecap is very common and it occurs when the patella is completely out of its location at the end of the humerus. It comes outside of the groove of the knee joint. Knee cap dislocation can be because of trauma or a sudden jerk to the knee It can be due to some medical conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

Kneecap Dislocation Symptoms

The very first and common symptom of a knee cap dislocation is unbearable pain and deformity in your knee joint cap. Knee joint dislocation is always towards the outside direction and never in the inside direction. swelling and discoloration is also observed after some time of knee injury if the injury is not treated with time then bruising can also be seen on the affected area
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The sign and symptoms of a kneecap dislocation include:

  • Disbalance gait
  • Inability to balance the body properly
  • Painful popping sounds in the knee
  • Inability to straighten the neck and knee
  • Swelling, pain bruising and discoloration of the knee joint 

Kneecap dislocation should never be mixed with a knee dislocation because in a knee dislocation the thigh bone and the shinbone loses contact because of bending of the knee in the wrong direction while in kneecap dislocation it is the knee cap that comes out from its groove.
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When your knee is not stable it can lead to complete dislocation of the knee cap it may result in sensations of instability called a subluxation.

How can physical therapy help?

Immediately after your kneecap dislocation, you must take a rest, ice the affected area, elevate the affected area, and compress for reducing swelling. After following these steps you may refer to an expert physical therapist for helping you to deal with your injury. The physical therapist will brace your knee and help you to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments around your joint so that kneecap dislocation doesn’t occur in the future. They also practice several exercises to increase the range of motion and stretching ability of your knee joint. Always take your physical therapy session properly and follow the advice of your physical therapist because if the kneecap dislocation occurs repeatedly then the only treatment left is surgical treatment so make sure to strengthen your ligaments, muscles, and tendons with the help of physical therapy because the second procedure is very painful and immobilize you for 4 to 6 weeks
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