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Orthopedic physical therapy✔️

Have you ever been in an accident that leaves you with a bone fracture or any major muscle-skeletal deformity and you just sit and imagine what will happen and how can I recover fastly? That’s the time when an orthopedic physical therapist will heal you

An orthopedics physical therapist is a person who deals with issues related to

  • Bone
  • Muscle
  • Joints
  • Tendon and ligaments
  • Connective tissue 

It can help to rehab your movements after surgery or even without surgery depending on your condition. An orthopedic physical therapist handles multiple diseases such as arthritis, frozen shoulder, ankle strain, joint dislocation, joint pain, spinal stenosis, back pain, cancer maintaining posture stroke, and a bundle of other diseases as well. An experienced orthopedic physical therapist diagnoses your ailments first and then makes a suitable plan which includes exercises and other nonsurgical methods to award you with maximum mobility. There are two types of treatment

Passive modalities

In this you didn’t have to show active participation it can include 

Hot/cold therapy

In this hot or cold packs are used for reducing rubor (redness), callor (increased heat), tumor (swelling), dolor (pain). Heat or cold therapy are used according to patient need and type of injury 

Electrical therapy

In it, mild shocks are given to affected muscle in a controlled manner which helps for different purposes such as cutting off the pain, muscle stimulation, or sending pain relief through the skin also referred to as iontophoresis(especially helpful for reducing inflammation)


In it, physical therapist use special massaging techniques to relax and manipulate a muscle. It can help in reducing pain and stiffness

There are so many other passive activities but mainly and most commonly these three are on top of the list in case of most the injuries

Active modalities

In it, patients show active participation and have to exert physical therapy to regain their movement and the same range of mobility


In it, patients have to move their musculoskeletal system and engage in different types of exercise suggested by physical therapists. The type and severity of exercise completely depend on the type of injury and area of injury for example you are suffering from neck pain then as a part of active physical therapy you have to do neck stretches such as chin tuck. In it, the physical therapist will just suggest that you have to show your efforts to regain the mobility and strength you want.

In short, if you suffer from any musculoskeletal injury just don’t rely on an orthopedic doctor but also get help from an orthopedic physical therapist because they can help you improve your injuries without using a knife on you.
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