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What Is School-Based Physical Therapy?

If you are a mother or father of a child that has a functional limitations or disability and if this disability limits their functioning and full participation in school then you may be a candidate for a school based physical therapy physical therapist who work in school are integral member of the education staff and school health care staff they provide several benefits to children whether they are with or without disabilities in the school environment

What Is School-Based Physical Therapy?

Federal law of many developed countries state that all children are eligible for free and public education but if a child condition is causing functional limitation and their access to the education is compromised then physical therapist who work in school ensure that all children have the ability to fully participate in school activities the benefit of physical therapy in school is that it allows all the children whether with disability or without any disability in the school to participate completely in their public education regardless of their disability status so if your child with cerebral palsy has difficulty moving in the class from the physical therapist will work with them and make sure that they have tools and other necessary things by which they can move through the school and within the classroom without any difficulty
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Eligibility to Receive Services

Those children who are in between the age of birth to 21 years old may get benefit from school based physical therapy and special education but not every child suffering from diseases is eligible for physical therapy

Ineligible example:

If your child has sprained their ankle while playing any sports in the gym class they may benefit from physical therapy but this must be done on an outpatient clinic independently of school because the ankle injury doesn’t interfere with your child to school services it will be a temporary inconvenience for your child to get into the school but they will be back to the normal routine within a few weeks

Eligible example: 

School bus physical therapy and rehabilitation services are specially for those children who have a disability a functional limitations that prevent them from engaging fully in the education Indian education system on daily basis if a child is suffering from autism and is not able to fully engage in school or may be suffering from cerebral palsy then they may benefit from school-based physical therapy to ensure that their learning barriers are remove or lessened.
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