3 Physical Therapy Exercises for Pectus Excavatum

Pectus excavatum is a condition in which the breast bone is more sunken into your chest cavity than normal this condition is not painful but sometimes it can be painful as well most of the time The people with this disorder only suffer from slight disorientation of the chest cavity in some cases the breastbone can be more deep into the sternum and compress The structures of the chest causing cardiovascular issues and pulmonary issues in such cases surgery is recommended to deal with the problem if you are suffering from pectus evacuation you may benefit from the skills services of a physical therapist the therapy will not cure your condition but it can help you to normalize your cardiac and pulmonary functions.
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Performing the correct exercise for your condition can help you to prevent the loss of mobility of cardiac and pulmonary muscles

Exercises That Improve Pectus Excavatum Symptoms

During your physical therapy sessions, your therapist will suggest different exercises to help improve your strength of muscles and also help you with breathing and mobility. postural control is also one of the important components of physical therapy sessions

 the goal of the exercises is to maintain the appropriate posture and strength of chest muscles so that the chances of surgery can be reduced

The exercises can be repeated three to five times each week but postural control exercises should be done daily before starting any exercise consult your physical therapist and make sure that exercise is safe for you

Some of the common exercises are

Arm Sliders

 For performing arm sliders stand with your back head and back off your hips touching the wall raise your both arms overhead and make sure that your forearms and elbows are touching the wall

Slightly breathe in and out as you slide your arms down the wall and make sure your arms and elbow stay in contact with the wall


This stretch opens the chest wall and provides a really good stretch to the pectoral muscle which connects the front of our chest with the upper arm and shoulders to perform this exercise stand in an upright posture, hold a resistance band in both of your hands then place the band behind your thighs after this step bring your arms to the side and open them up so your body will look like a letter  T allow the band to gently pull your arms apart and back and hold this stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.
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It is one of the most common exercises for treating this disorientation of the chest

It increases the overall strength of your pectoral muscle

For performing these exercises lie with your face on the floor and put your palms on the level of your shoulders your toes should be on the floor

Now with the help of your abdominals push your body back up into a plank position and breathe out as you rise uphold this position for 2 seconds and then lower down slowly repeat this 10 to 15 times

These are the three most common and must exercises for pectus excavatum. In addition to that perform any other exercise which is suggested by your physical therapist based on your condition so that you doesn’t suffer from any cardiovascular or pulmonary disorder
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