Ankle Exercises for Arthritis

Starting any exercise program can be tough if you have never performed ankle exercises before. You will need to start slow and build your strength and mobility over time

Your initial focus will be on moving slowly and gaining your range of motion back. In the beginning, you will perform this exercise in a, not weight-bearing position. As your range of motion and strength will increase you will be able to perform exercises by bearing weight

While performing exercises make sure to check in with your physical therapist so that they can guide you that if the exercise is safe for you and how to perform it properly

Resisted Ankle Flexion

For performing this

  • Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and straighten your one knee
  • Form a loop with the help of a resistance band and anchor it with the strong or heavy object nearby such as closed-door you can also ask someone to hold the resistance band tightly for you
  • Wrap the loop around your affected foot
  • Now slowly flex your ankle by bringing your toes in an upward motion while keeping your knees and leg straight
  • This stretch will help to strengthen the muscle of your lower leg called the tibialis anterior
  • Hold this for a few seconds
  • You will feel a slight stretch in your shin during this exercise 

Resisted Ankle Eversion

Anatomically term eversion means away from the body so in this your foot will rotate it in such motion that your ankle will move away from the Central line of your body

Performing this exercise with a resistance band can help to make it more challenging to perform this exercise

  • Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you
  • Hold the loose end of a resistance band in your hand 
  • Now put a roll-up towel under your lower leg so your heel is off the floor
  • Now put your affected foot ankle into the loop of your resistance band and press your foot against the t resistance band
  • By using the outside edge of the foot in the loop press away from your other foot make sure that your knee is pointing at the ceiling and you are twisting your ankle joint and not the knee joint
  • By this exercise, you will feel tightness in the peroneal muscles on the outer part of the lower leg
  • Make sure to move slowly and steadily during ankle eversion exercise

Resisted Ankle Inversion

Unlike every, inversion is to rotate the foot at the ankle near to Centerra line of your body

For performing this exercise

  • Set on the floor with your legs straight in front of you
  • Hold the loose end of the f resistance band in your hand and place the affected foot into a loop of the resistance band
  • By using the inside of your affected foot press your foot against the resistance band so it will move away from your other foot
  • Now try to keep your rest your f leg straight so the movement will occur from your ankle and not by your leg or knee
  • Old this stretch position for several seconds and then returned to starting position slowly
  • This exercise will strengthen the tibialis posterior muscle which is responsible for supporting your inner ankle and arch of your foot
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