Back Exercises for Relieving Muscle Tension and Pain

You may take benefit from different exercises and your back tension and pain may be relaxed by doing the right kind of exercises which are those which strengthen your core most of the exercises we will discuss here are the exercises which a physical therapist will teach you during your physical therapy session and these exercises will help you to make your muscle more strong and to prepare them for use in basic functional movement such as pain free walking bending reaching and more

In this article we will discuss about the quick and easy physical therapy exercise routines which starts with breathing and body awareness all of the movements are performed while lying on your back

Warm Up With Diaphragmatic Breathing

It is always a good option to start your workout with a warm up this breathing technique will help you to get in touch with your body and begin to release your tension and to warm up you

Here is how to perform this

  • Lie down in a hook lying position in which you are on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor
  • Then place your hands slowly on your abdomen and inhale slowly and deeply through your nose
  • When you will inhale your lower rib cage will lightly expand and you will feel your hands rise as abdomen rises
  • Exhale through your lips while applying light pressure to abdomen with your hands to help the process
  • Spend a few moment lying down peacefully and allow your body to relax during this

Release With Knees to Chest

When you are done with breathing exercises then you are now ready for  back releasing move also known as knee to chest stretch in this position you make feel a slight back stretch which is beneficial for your back pain here is how it is done

  • Place your both arms around the knee on the respective sides
  • Bring both of your knees towards your chest
  • As you are performing this allowed the bend in your knee and hip to increase but only if you can bent that without pain or discomfort
  • Keep your first knee up and repeat with the other knee
  • Your end position will be a state in which both knees are into your chest and your arms are wrapped slightly around the top of each shin

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