Bed mobility in physical therapy

The ability to move around in your bed is called your bed mobility if you suffering from any illness or injury and you’re having a difficult time with your functional ability you may require physical therapy to improve your bed mobility

Your physical therapist will work with you closely in the clinic, in the hospital, or at home to maximize your bed mobility your physical therapist will prescribe you specific exercises depending on your condition to improve your bed mobility

Some of the exercises which physical therapists may suggest you improve your bed mobility are

Gluteal sets

It is a really simple exercise which you can perform so that your buttock muscles will be working after a period of bed rest. These exercises are also performed after surgery to keep the blood moving and prevent any blood clotting.

In this exercise, you will squeeze and relax your butt muscles which act like a sponge, and then push blood

To perform this exercise simply lie on your back in bed and squeeze your buttocks and hold the squeeze for 5 seconds after that relax slowly and repeat the exercise 10 times

Hip Adduction Squeeze

Strong Hip muscles are key to improving the way you can move in your bed the hip  adduction exercise is a great isometric exercise that can help you to improve the function of groin muscles to improve your bed mobility

When performing a hip abduction, take a ball or roll bath towel lie down on your back with your knees bent and the ball between them now tighten your stomach muscle and then gently squeeze the ball hold this squeeze for 5 seconds and then relax repeat this for 10 times

Low Trunk Rotation to Improve Rolling in Bed

The ability to roll in bed is very important to help you safely get up out of your bed in the morning to improve your rolling ability. Perform lower trunk rotation exercises and here is how to perform these

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent
  • Gently roll your knees to one side
  • Make sure that your shoulders are flat when your knees are rolling
  • Now bring your knees back to the starting position and role to the opposite side
  • Repeat this 10 times on both sides

In addition to these there are several other exercises that you can perform to increase your bed mobility but if you feel any back pain as a result of these exercises or you suffer from hip pain immediately contact your physical therapist and tell them about this so that they can evaluate your  body and tell the cause of the pain

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