Easy Moves to Relieve Tension and Pain in Your Neck

Easy Moves to Relieve Tension and Pain in Your Neck

Most of the time neck pain and tension is because of your daily routines and desktop sitting posture for example you are performing your daily task for long times  sitting in front of a computer which will lead to your rounded upper back, as well as forward head posture and there, are several other examples which can lead to neck and back pain because of bad posture in these conditions your physical therapist will suggest you some of the easiest exercises which you can perform on daily basis and these exercises can help you to deal with your neck and back pain and to maintain a good posture as well

Neck Relief Moves for When You Sit

If you are just like most of the people in the world who sit for long duration of hours in front of the computer for completing their job and you can’t deal with this because in this 21st century all the work has shifted on the computers. Because of this issue you are suffering from a lot of  tension which  can effect back muscles as well as extension of the muscles in the front then there are some of the most easy and quick physical therapy moves which you can perform to help yourself balance out the equation and create more symmetry between the front and back of your body

Try to engage your back muscles at the desk place your hand on your thighs just above your knees then inhale and exhale and push down through your hands this will encourage an upward lifting of your upper trunk and  it will also help you to engage your back muscles if you sit a lot and have a sedentary lifestyle this contraction may feel really good for your muscles

Your physical therapist will most likely teach you this move this move is one of the most essential and good for maintaining good posture and body awareness as when you push down your arms and elbow and allow your back to move forward and you head and neck   to move back you are in your anatomical position which is the best for treating rounded shoulders and forward head posture

Standing Neck Relief Moves

If you are done with sitting neck pain relief and you feel that you can perform more than your physical therapist will suggest you cervical retraction in the standing position

Also take in consideration that cervical retraction is not for everyone if you are diagnosed with the flat or reverse neck curve a disc condition then it is always a good option to ask to physical therapist or health Care provider first before trying this exercise

You can perform this exercise with the help of a wall a without a wall your physical therapist will better guide you about this that which one is more good for you
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