Exercises That Help SI Pain

In your body you have two sacroiliac joints, one on each side of your spine at the base where it is connected to your pelvis. The function of these joints is to spot and stabilize your spine when you walk, climb stairs or lift any heavy objects

In case of any damage or injury to your sacroiliac joints your legs will become unstable which will lead to lower back pain sacroiliac joint pain is common but there are a very few ways by it is treated it can be treated by physical therapy back braces or a surgery some people also observed that gentle physical therapy stretches and exercise are significantly helpful to reduce their symptoms and strengthen their sacroiliac joints

Exercises That Help SI Pain

For decreasing the sacroiliac pain rehabilitation program will consist of a consistent stretching and strengthening exercises this will help you to strengthen stabilize and repair your injured sacroiliac joint the program should include the combination of these exercises


Stretching exercises will help you to improve your mobility by losing any tight or stiff muscles in your back hips buttocks or legs which are placing an extra stress on a sacroiliac joint 

Strength building: 

Strength building exercises help you with the strengthening of your muscles that spot your sacroiliac joint it also include your core muscles but muscles and thigh muscles strengthening of these muscles help to reduce the sacroiliac joint pain by reducing the stress on the sacroiliac joint

Certain light aerobics: 

These light aerobics are performed because they are significantly helpful in improving the blood flow in the body they have no direct relation with the strengthening or stretching of sacroiliac joint but increase Oxygen and nutrients can a soft tissue in the sacroiliac joint

Exercise therapy as an essential part of rehabilitation for sacroiliac joint band and they are and main to push through to heard you should avoid anything that will guess your pain or make it worse in case that if any physical therapy exercises suggested by the physical copy was and the pain immediately stop and contact your physical therapist first

If at any point during the exercise you feel that your sacroiliac joint is weakening then stop and take a rest in addition to that remove any painful exercise from your routine you do normally doing the wrong exercise continuously could increase your pain and can lead to more injury so make sure not to continue any such exercise

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