Exercises to Help With Ankle Arthritis

If you are suffering from ankle arthritis pain and stiffness in your feet and ankles can limit your ability to walk run or enjoy your daily activities there are many treatments for ankle arthritis ranging from physical therapy to invasive injections or surgery

Exercise for ankle Arthritis is a great way to reduce the pain and stiffness you feel because of your condition but the question here is which exercises are best for ankle Arthritis and how we can perform them at home or with our physical therapist

Physical therapist most commonly says that motion is the lotion which means that most of the musculoskeletal injuries or dysfunction can be treated by appropriate motions such as exercises. Similarly, ankle exercises for arthritis can help you to combat pain and improve your overall functional mobility

It takes a lot of time to improve your strength and motion through exercises so remember that consistency is the key be committed to your daily exercises for ankle Arthritis it is the best way to gain your functional mobility and lessen pain

Ankle Pumps

By this exercise range of motion of your ankle joint is improved for performing this exercise

  • Set on a chair and slightly lift your feet off the ground
  • Point your toes away from your ankle and hold for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Now pull your toes towards  your ankle and hold for another 5 to 10 second

When you will point your toes away from your ankle you will feel a slight pull in the front of your ankle and lower leg this will also give you are tight feeling in your calf behind your lower leg

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Ankle Rotation

For performing this exercise

  • Sit on a chair and rest your affected ankle on your opposite knee
  • Hold it just above your ankle joint with one hand and with the other hand hold on to the ball of your foot
  • Gently rotate your ankle clockwise for several seconds and then reverse it for several seconds
  • If you feel more pain in one direction try warming it up in a less painful direction before trying the painful one

When you will perform this exercise you will feel a slight pulling sensation around your ankle joint in case of severe ankle Arthritis you will feel a grinding session like if your bones are rubbing each other It must be not painful if it is excessively painful then immediately stop it and contact your physical therapist or health care provider immediately

Ankle Alphabet

For performing this exercise

  • Sit down on a chair with your feet in front of you and keep them flat on the floor
  • Lift the affected foot slightly from the floor and trace the letters of the alphabet in the air using your toes
  • If exercise becomes easier for you then write the alphabet A to Z and then Z to A to help your ankle strengthen more

If you want to make this exercise fun you can try writing in cursive writing if you feel comfortable doing this
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