Hip bursitis and physical therapy

It is a condition in which the bursa located at the inner or outer hip is affected or inflamed. The inflammation of this bursa causes pain in the hip and limits the range of motion of the hip.

We have small sacs containing synovial fluid throughout our bodies. This sac is called a bursa. These structures aid in the movement of ligaments over bones and reduce friction. We have two bursas on our hips, one on the outer side located on a trochanteric bone known as trochanteric bursa and one on the inner side called iliopsoas bursa. 
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Causes of the hip bursa

 Several causes can affect your hips and can lead to this condition which if left untreated becomes more chronic with time.

  • Sometimes this condition May happen because of any injury to the hip. This can be due to falling or any trauma such as in an accident.
  • Overuse of hip bones such as during any sports or climbing stairs regularly can also lead to this condition
  • This condition can also be due to irregular posture or depression on soft tissues
  • Several other diseases such as arthritis osteoporosis spina bifida can also trigger hip bursitis.

Symptoms of hip bursitis

This is a very painful condition that affects the major bone pelvic bone of your body some of the common symptoms of hip bursitis are

  • Radiating pain on the outside or inside of the hip
  • Pain during specific activities such as walking climbing stairs or running
  • Pain when the affected side is pressed like during sleeping
  • A pain that limits the range of motion of the hip bone
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Assessment test

When you work in the clinic of an expert physical therapist with the symptoms of hip bursitis the physical therapist will perform some tests on you which help confirm the condition and the severity of the condition. These tests are

  • Applying pressure on a specific point on hips
  • Palpation
  • Checking a range of movement
  • Checking gait
  • Postural examination
  • Spinal mobility
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How physical therapy can help

It is a musculoskeletal system disorder. Its treatment involves taking anti-inflammatory and pain reliever medicines but these medicines are just helpful in depressing the symptoms of hip bursitis. Proper treatment of hip bursitis involves physical therapy treatment which consists of heat and cold therapy, ultrasonic therapy, massage therapy, manual therapy, stretching, and strengthening exercises. With the help of an expert sports physical therapist or orthopedic. physical therapist hip bursitis can be treated effectively and the person can return to normal life without much pain and suffering

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