How to maintain a perfect back posture

If you are suffering from back pain neck pain and shoulder pain you may benefit from the services of a physical therapist or physical therapist will help you to decrease your pain and learn different strategies and methods to manage your condition some of the most important strategies to manage your pain are exercise and posture correction the three most important steps to combat back pain are said  to be posture correction posture correction and posture correction so here we will discuss about 3 tips which a physical therapist will suggest you to maintain a stable anatomical spine position

Use a Lumbar Roll

One of the most helpful and the simplest way to obtain and maintain proper sitting posture while performing your daily activities is to use a lumbar roll which is a very low cost rounded pillows. you can get a lumbar roll for about 10 to 20 Dollars this can be used while sitting to help maintain  your back in your forward curve called lordosis in your lower back

 this curve is essential for keeping stress off your back muscle joints and discs of the spine physical therapists have lumbar rolls for sale or you can buy a lumbar roll online you can also make a lumbar roll by rolling down your towel your physical therapist will teach you how to properly use your lumbar roll

The slouch overcorrect exercise

It is a very simple exercise which will help to train your body to maintain and find an upright and good posture This exercise involves slowly shifting from slouched position to an overcorrected upright postural position once your posture is over corrected a slight relaxation form your fully erect posture will leave you sitting in your proper posture working on the slouch over correct exercise can help you to train your spine to get the knowledge of proper posture

 Your muscles like all other body parts have memories and the more often you put yourself in this optimal procedure the more your body will get used to this 

Kinesiology tape

It is relatively a new type of treatment in physical therapy Kinesiology tape is a flexible cotton adhesive tape that helps you to facilitate muscle contraction and reduce muscle spasm and pain

A very simple way to facilitate your posture correction is to support your muscles with the help of kinesiology tape. This tape is usually applied to the middle trapezius and rhomboid muscle to help support your shoulder blades and spine

Kinesiology  tape for postural correction also provides a gentle pool to the muscles when you are slouching. This gentle reminder may be enough to remind you to sit in an excellent upright posture

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