How to Perform Standing Spinal Flexion

Standing spinal flexion is a physical therapy exercises which is suggested by physical therapist if you are suffering from spinal pain

Before starting to perform standing lumbar flexion make sure that you consult with your physical therapist and you should gradually progress with more gentle lumbar flexion exercises

It will include first performing a week or two of lumbar flexion in lying position followed by a couple of weeks performing the lumbar flexion in sitting position and once you become stable with your sitting position your physical therapist will give you a go signal for performing lumbar flexion in standing position

For performing this exercise follow these simple steps

  • Stand with your field at shoulder width apart and be sure to have enough space around you to move about without bumping into any object around you
  • Now slowly band yourself forward bye sliding your hands in the front of your thighs
  • To add additional pressure and increase the amount of stretch on your back grab your ankles and gently pull yourself into a more flex position
  • Try to hold this position for a second or two and then slowly return to your starting position
  • when you are exercising be sure to not any centralisation of your spinal pain
  • If you feel that your pain is worsening and travelling down your legs then immediately stop the exercise because it is an indication of worsening conditions
  • If you feel centralisation of your pain then you can continue the exercise
  • You can perform this exercise couple times a day it is significantly helpful in decreasing the symptoms of your lower back and leg pain and it can also used to stretch your hamstring and back muscles

This exercise is most frequently suggested by physical therapist because it is considered as one of the most effective exercise which can help treating the back pain and stretching the muscles of your back in addition to that it can also help in the stretching of your hamstring muscles which stabilize the position of your pelvis this exercise can help to prevent any future lower back problems and pain as well 

You can incorporate this exercise in your daily routine so it will also helps to keep you active and your back and hamstring muscles healthy combined with the postural correction and regular physical therapy exercises you can easily get over your back pain in a short duration of time
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