How to Treat Back Pain in the Morning

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If someone ask you what is the most common pain most of the individual suffer from then your answer must be back pain because 16 million adults in the United States deal with regular or constant back pain most of the time in many morning the pain is worse fortunately there are many physical therapy treatment which you can use for easing those morning back pain

Causes of Morning Back Pain

Sometimes it is just because of the sleep itself when you move the fluid that lubricate your joints known as synovial fluid it will circulate and keep things movingsmoothly these movements also increase blood flow which get Oxygen and nutrients to your joint muscle and connective tissue

When you are simply sleeping in the same position for several hours the movement doesn’t happen so it is normal for you to feel a little stiff when you first wake up this may be the only time when you have back pain or your existing back pain may be specially bad

If you are suffering from morning back pain that is swear or resistant it could be because of any musculoskeletal system undiagnose medical condition some of the common medical causes of morning back pain are osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis herniated disc or ankylosing spondylitis
We have already discussed the benefits of lumbar flexion exercise and the condition for which it is suitable now we will discuss that how to perform this exercise appropriately
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It may also be due to vitamin and mineral deficiency such as vitamin d or calcium deficiency chronic overuse stress or poor posture of body

At-Home Treatments

There are many at home treatments you can try by yourself these treatments may be suggested to you by your physical therapist and these are significantly helpful in decreasing your back pain at time of morning some important things are

  • A new mattress
  • A new pillow
  • A change in sleeping position
  • Increasing your exercise
  • Morning stretches

New Mattress

Your physical therapist may suggest you to buy a new mattress it is a very expensive option but it is of often worth it according to studies on the type of mattress a medium firm and custom inflated mattress is considered best for relieving back pain and improving spinal alignment

However it varies from person to person and no bed is best for everyone

Look for the one that feels like it’s for your natural curve of your spine so your spine  stays as straight as possible and you feel most comfortable in it

If you can’t afford a new mattress then you can try a mattress proper many of them are available in different materials and thickness depending on your needs
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