How to Use Physical Therapy Equipment at Home

If you are injured or had a surgery and are suffering from functional mobility issues you may benefit from the skilled services of a physical therapist. Your physical therapist will help you to recover quickly and safely and that and of a different strategies so you remain healthy physical therapy your therapist may recommend you to use certain pieces of physical therapy equipment  to help you recover

Physical therapy tools may be exactly the tools you need to safely regain your motion and decrease your pain. Having an understanding of what you need to recover from your injury or illness can help you to plan your rehab for financial purpose

 For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain may limit your ability to sit stand and walk properly if your back condition is because of a pinched nerve then you may feel numbness in your legs coming from your spine. Treatment of a pinched nerve in the spine usually involves getting pressure off spinal nerves.

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For quitting this condition scratches that lessen pressure on your nerves and improve spine and mobility are done these include

  • Knees to chest stretch
  • Press ups
  • Bridges
  • Straight leg raises
  • Exercises for strengthening spine are also performed.

Another important constituent of self-care for lower back pain is postural correction. Your physical therapists may recommend you to use a lumbar roll to help to support your spine while sitting lumber rolls are typically not much expensive they just range from $10 to $40. In addition to that you can make your own by rolling a bath towel and placing it behind your back your troppus may also recommend you a back brace to manage your pain this tool of physical therapy is often covered by your insurance company

For Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from shoulder pain then it is obvious that your physical properties will recommend you to strengthen the muscles of your rotator cuff in order to properly spot Your shoulder joint so that the cause of the pain will be eliminated.

Small dumbbells ranging from 1 to 5 pounds and resistance bands are the most common tools used for increasing the strength of shoulder muscle

Some therapists also recommend a kinesiology tape. It is something you can learn by yourself and one role of this step cost only 15 Dollar and you can do this at home for your rehabilitation
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