Intermittent pneumatic compression usage in Physical Therapy

Intermittent pneumatic compression is a treatment used by most physical therapists in several musculoskeletal disorders. In me,t advice is used which comprises of a central air pumping machine which is connected to several inflated sheets. The sheet contains several air cambers. The sheets or sleeves are tied to different parts of the body where the treatment is going to be performed. In it we can apply the desired  amount of pressure by controlling it that’s why it is more beneficial than a manual compression therapy
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Uses of pneumatic compression

This treatment can be used on every patient only patients with selective ailments are required to undergo this treatment. Some of the diseases which require these treatments are

Lymphedema is a condition in which lymph fluid accumulates in soft tissues of the body in this treatment pneumatic compression is used to depress the swelling of the body

Most of the time after surgery our body shows swelling this swelling can be controlled by pneumatic compression

Venous ulcers are a condition in which mostly the veins of the leg are weakened and unable to pump blood back to the heart. Pneumatic Compression helps to stimulate the blood flow

Sometimes due to obesity blood flow is also affected and pneumatic compression is used for the treatment of this

The procedure of pneumatic compression

An expert physical therapist will perform pneumatic compression treatment on you most of the time IPC devices are used when the patient is in sitting in a lying position. The physical therapist cover the affected area with the sleeves of the IPC machine and then turn on it

You will feel a slight pressure on the parts of the body where sleeves are tired however this compression is not painful in case you feel pain immediately tell your physical therapist about it so he can balance the intensity of pressure

Contradictions of pneumatic compression

This is a very effective treatment for many of the diseases and most particularly reducing swelling and regulating blood from the body but there are some contradictions of using this such as

There must be no open wound or burn on the area to be treated

The area has accurate sensations and doesn’t have poor sensation(neuropathy)

Swelling may be due to the congestive heart failure

Skin issues such as fragile skin

High blood pressure issues.

It is a very safe treatment but appropriate steps must be taken before the treatment to prevent any potential harm because of the treatment.
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