Joint manipulation in physical therapy

What is joint manipulation?

It is a manual or hand technique used to stabilize joints at their place. It involves applying specific degrees and types of forces on Spinal or peripheral joints to help them move better. Its main goals are

  • Reduce pain
  • Fix joints at a place
  • Improve ROM (range of motion)

This technique is used by physical therapists and chiropractors to help you increase functional mobility.
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What is joint popping?

Every cell of the body shows respiration by taking in oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide. Sometimes in our joint area, the expired carbon dioxide is trapped and forms a small pocket of gas. The contract expands with pressure changes. When this gas is suddenly released by joint manipulation techniques you will listen to a sound just like the sound of a balloon bursting. This is called joint popping. It is a normal physiological mechanism but sometimes it occurs due to several medical conditions such as

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Herniated discs of spine or neck
  • Spinal arthritis
  • Joint movement after a period of dysfunction
  • Facial joint (temporomandibular joint) dysfunction
  • Injury to joints

It can also be due to nonmedical causes such as

  •  strain and overuse
  • Inappropriate sitting or standing posture
  • Lack of physical activity
  •  Excessive Stretching

In these conditions, there is just temporary immobilization of joint and can be easily moved to appropriate anatomical position

Benefits of joint mobilization technique

If your physical therapist observes joint dysfunction they can suggest you joint mobilization technique and can perform it on you. Some of the potential benefits which you can achieve after using this physical therapy techniques are

  • Pain reduction

By joint mobilization, pain can be reduced significantly. When a joint is fixed back to anatomical position the pains receptors are reset and pain is reduced

  • Increasing range of motion

After joint manipulation, the joints return to normal position and their surfaces are properly oriented. Because of this anatomical movements of joints can be achieved and joint stiffness is reduced.

  • Muscle, tendon, and ligament activation

After joint mobilization the muscle’s tendons and ligaments are also in their stable position concerning joint as a result of this pain and stiffness is reduced and overall functional mobility is increased.


This is a very effective technique in physical therapy and with the help of this, you can achieve maximum stability around popped joints. With the help of this without any surgery, your joint is fixed back to its normal position.
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