Lying on Your Back With a Towel Under Your Head

There are some of the other most easy e physical therapy exercises with your physical therapist can ask you to perform yourself at home for relieving your neck and back pain

Lying on Your Back With a Towel Under Your Head

If your neck shoulders or upper back is hurting than you you can perform this exercise for yourself at home you might try this repositioning experience that is performed in the supine position supine position refers to a position in which you lie on your back for performing this you will need a small and medium size folded towel

 lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor now place  the folded towel under your head and neck this will help to to keep your head level with your spine in other words in this position your head level must be exactly at the level of your spine and your head must not be in front or behind your spine this will kink your neck muscles and prevent them from relaxing and releasing

Towel Exercise Challenge 1

You can also add some upper body work and stretch as long as you are not suffering from any neck shoulder or upper back injury if you are suffering from any of this injury thenbefore performing this modification consult with your physical therapist so that they can refer you exercise and position for you according to your condition

While keeping the body still in the same position bring your arms and back over your head if your shoulders are flexible enough to do so

If you are unable to do so then place folded blanket or pillow in that area to give your arm a place to come within the range you can handle comfortably

Try to maintain this position for a few moments and make sure that you are breathing and relaxing during this you may find some pockets of tension in your body that are soew and in need of release if that is the case then you can realx yourself quickly you don’t have to stay in this position for very long durations of time you will always try this tomorrow by the time your intensity and your shoulder range of motion will improve and this position will become more comfortable for you

Towel Exercise Challenge 2

This will help you to release tension at the base of skull with the sock and a ball

For this challenge you will need two tennis balls and a lightweight sock another thing to do while you are lying on your back requires to put a tennis ball in a sock. The sock should be tied at one end to allow the balls to touch and not move around the place the socl with the balls on the floor under the base of your skull this is the area at the back of your head towards the bottom where the skull bone protrude out

Try to maintain this position for almost 10 seconds and make sure that you are breathing and relaxing so that the weight of your head is into the sock balls if there is pain you can shorten the amount of time you spend in this position or turn om some soft music for you
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