Make Your Own Lumbar Roll for Proper Posture

If you are suffering from lower back pain you may benefit from the skilled services of a physical therapist to help you manage your pain and get back to your normal life as soon as possible a physical therapist will teach you correct exercises for your back which will help you to improve your mobility and prevent pain from becoming more chronic

One of the most common cause of lower back pain is sitting for longer durations with the poor posture when you are sitting in a slouched position your back is under excessive stress and strain it can damage your spine joints muscles and discs visibly

 A lumbar roll is an essential tool which you can use for maintaining a proper poster the role should be supportive and it should be placed in your lower back to help with your naturals forward curve called a lordosis

Lumbar roll is a very cheap option but you can also make one for yourself at the home you can use things around your home which can play the role of a lumbar roll for you the best option is s to use an actual lumbar roll but with the following household things you can also made a lumber roll which can help you in supporting your posture as well
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Bath towel roll

The most easy and simple option for making a lumbar roll at home is to simply take a bath towel and then roll it up now place two rubber bands around the edges of towel to keep it intact and place it behind your back when sitting to help your support your lumbar spine

Paper towel roll

Another household item which you can use to support Your back when sitting is a paper towel roll

The role is a perfect size tool to help support Your back and your spine and it will squeeze down enough to maximize the comfort while using it

Use a small pillow

You can also use a small pillow or cushion on your chair you can use that as a lumbar roll simply place the pillow behind your back when you are sitting to support Your spine normal lordosis and maintaining the normal posture

In addition to using a number roll your physical therapist will suggest you several exercises which can also additionally help you to maintain an upright posture and prevent and pain because of bad sitting posture
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