Manage Your Neck Pain With a Cervical Roll

A cervical roll is usually a small pillow that is placed inside a pillowcase to help you support your neck while you are asleep

The role will help you to maintain the appropriate posture of your neck as you lie on your back or on your side while sleeping
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If you are suffering from neck pain or arm pain coming from your neck and you understand how this pain can limit the ability to turn your head look up or down and perform daily basis task like driving your car or washing your hair

There are many causes of neck pain but most of the time the pain seems to come on sudden basis with no warning you may even wake up in the morning with neck pain after a good restful night’s sleep if you are suffering from sudden onset of acute that pain there are a few things you should do

Fall first of all don’t panic and immediately contact your physical therapist. your physical therapist will suggest you some gentle range of motion neck exercises and also give few tips to maintain a proper posture when sitting sleeping or standing when you are sitting or standing you can maintain a good posture  

but when you are sleeping it is extremely hard to maintain the good posture for treating this problem your physical therapist may suggest you a cervical roll

Using a Cervical Roll During Sleep

Using a cervical roll while sleeping will help to maintain the neck alignment you have to simply place your cervical roll in your pillow case and move it to one end of your pillow the role should to run the full length of your pillow

Place your pillow on your bed with the cervical roll inside the case the cervical roll should be in place so that when you put your head on your pillow the cervical  roll  supports your neck 

When you will lie on your back  you will feel the cervical roll gently pressing against the back of your neck and supporting it if you roll to one side or another you will feel that the cervical roll will you fill the space between your head and shoulders supporting your neck

If you are suffering from neck pain then it is not recommended to sleep on your stomach because it worsen your condition

When it is the first day of using cervical roll you may notice some discomfort as you are not used to sleeping with that after a few nights you will become fully comfortable with his and you will notice that the roll  just support to your neck with  no additional discomfort

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