Most effective physical therapyprocedure for spine

A building is stabilized by forming several pillars in it. If anyone of the pillar falls the building will become extremely unstable and most probably fall instantly. The same is with our bodies. In our body bones act as pillars and the main pillar of the body is the spine column, a set of 33 vertebrates. 

Most difficult to treat

The spinal cord is protected by the spinal column which is flexible to a little extent but doesn’t allow a large degree of movement. If the spine canal gets damaged and the spinal cord is exposed to injury then, most of the function of other muscles and bones, especially of legs, is lost because the spinal cord has neurons that send signals for movements. Spinal cord injuries can’t heal completely because once cell bodies of neurons are damaged they don’t regenerate. Improvement can be made and maximum mobility can be achieved through physiotherapy. some of the most effective techniques in physical therapy for spine treatment are as follow

  1.  Functional electrical stimulation

As the name suggests, low-level electrical impulses are applied on targeted parts of the spinal cord to help in the improvement of muscle and nerve functions in patients.
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  • Activate muscles and nerves. 
  •  It stimulates specific targeted muscles and movements for several tasks such as holding a fork or standing in an upright posture
  • It is a very useful tool for regaining the lost bowel and bladder contractions
  • In males, it can help in restoring erection and ejaculation ability
  • In it, the targeted muscles gain mass and strength
  • Also, help in stimulating pain and temperature sensations
  • This method activates over lost sensations which can prevent further injuries

Conventional physiotherapy

In it, a lot of exercises, stretching, and hand massage techniques are used. It can include other methods such as acupuncture, joint manipulation, and neurodynamic exercises.

Its major aim is to reduce pain and decrease the risk of atrophy.
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Activity-based therapy

As the name suggests In it you have to move your body and perform a specific set of exercises and stretches in a standing upright position. This method allows you to stand and avoid the risk of ailments caused by lying down or sitting down. This method helps you to deal with

  • Muscle spasms
  • Respiratory tract issue due to lying down
  • Bedsores
  • Bowel function restoration
  • Urinary tract infections


A hundred percent motor function cant be achieved when the spine is damaged but the maximum degree of mobilization can be achieved using physical therapy and patients can learn how to live a healthy life with the ailment.

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