Physical Therapy exercise for ankle

In addition to several other exercises here are some other exercises which of physical therapist may suggest you depending on your ankle condition to perform them these exercises are performed only when you have passed the initial exercises and your ankle condition is much better than previous

Resisted Strengthening Inversion

The resistance strengthening inversion exercises will provide flexibility and strengthen your body as well

 for performing this exercise

  • Loop exercise band under your foot and hold the and with your hands
  • Now move only your ankle and keep your toes pointed up turn your foot inward so the soul is facing your other leg
  • Continue to do this until you feel any discomfort
  • Hold this position for two seconds and return to normal
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Resisted Strengthening Eversion

Here’s how to perform this exercise

  • Loop the exercise band under your foot and hold the and with your hands
  • Move your ankle and keep your toes pointed up
  • Now turn your foot outward
  •  Continue to move your foot away from your leg until you feel discomfort 
  • hold this position for two seconds and return to normal

Partial Weight-Bearing Seated Calf Raises

These exercises help you to put more weight on the injured ankle and these are performed after you become use to other exercises you should perform each exercise 10 times in a row

  • Sit on a chair and keep your 

foot on the floor

  • Lift your heel as far as possible while keeping your toes on the floor
  • Return your heel to the floor

Partial Weight-Bearing Standing Weight Shift

Sometimes after any injury your health care provider will have to limit the amount of weight you put on your affected leg for protecting your ankle 

this can affect the other muscles of your leg because of immobilization

As you recover your physical therapist may guide you to increase weight on your injured ankle for this where shifts are perfect exercises his how to do this

  • Stand upright while holding onto a stable object
  • Shift some of your weight on to your injured foot
  • Hold this position for 15 seconds
  • Now relax and put your weight back onto your uninjured knee

These exercises are significantly helpful to to strengthen your ankle and lower leg muscles your physical therapist will demonstrate each and every exercise for you remember to carefully observe and listen to the commands of your physical therapist so you can easily perform this exercise at home without hurting yourself
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