Physical Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

If you or  your any loved one is suffering from cerebral palsy then you understand the functional limitation and limitations that may result because of this condition you may have difficulty in walking standing and moving around your bed sometimes due to muscle spasm and weakness you are unable to perform simple daily tasks many people with cerebral palsy benefit from the working with the physical therapist it can help you to improve your strength and proprioception abilities which will help to decrease and manage spasms and improve your function ability

Physical Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

When you decide to meet a physical therapist for the treatment of cerebral palsy the first session will be an initial and complete evaluation of your condition during the session your physical therapist will get each and every information about your condition they will ask about your diagnosis symptoms and any past care treatments you have received until now the physical therapist will review your medical history generally and ask questions about your functional mobility muscle spasms and pain they will also ask you about your goals the main goal of the physical therapy for cerebral palsy is to help improve the functional mobility depress the symptoms and prevent muscle spasm and problems with movement such as joint dislocations or contractures your physical therapist will offer you with different strategies that will improve your self ability to interact independently and perform your activities by your own

Physical Therapy in the Home

Home based physical therapy for cerebral palsy is of 10 arrange for the needs of the patient in the home such as are there any stairs in the home are you able to move comfortably in your bad or can you get to the kitchen table for meals or are you safe in your washroom

If your child is suffering from cerebral palsy most therapy session begins in the home settings and a physical therapist will perform a specialised exercise and movement that will ensure your  child proper development and functional ability of your child these physical therapy sessions will teach your child different strategies and exercises by which they can lead their life normally you can also perform these exercises with your child the benefits for home based physical therapy for cerebral palsy may include

  • Increased safety in the
  • Improve strength of the child
  • Decrease in the muscle spasms
  • Improve flexibility balance and proprioception abilities
  • An ability to perform daily tasks more efficiently
  • Improve gait and walking

A physical therapist who will come to your home can accept your living situation and can also make recommendations to improve your or your child’s ability to move in the home environment more independently
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