Physical Therapy for Peroneal Tendonitis

Pain in the outer portion of our ankle may be pointing towards a condition called peroneal tendonitis or peroneal tendinopathy.

Because of this pain, you are unable to walk around normally it also interferes with your normal work and recreational activities A physical therapist will help you to regain your normal ankle strength and function

Anatomy of the Peroneal Tendons

These are located on the outer side of the leg near to ankle there are three peroneal tendons namely peroneus longus, services, and Tertius

These tendons arise from the peroneal muscles on the outer part of your lower leg; the other names for tendons are fibularis longus, brevis, and Tertius.

Symptoms of peroneal tendonitis

These symptoms may vary from one person to another but the most common symptoms are

  • Pain in lateral ankle
  • Pain during walking or running
  • Pain when moving your ankle sideways
  • Swelling at your lateral ankle bone
  • Redness can also be observed at the outer aspect of your ankle

Peroneal tendonitis is a type of repeated strain or overuse injury which means that it is not a result of trauma but it is because of overuse if you are feeling lateral ankle irritation immediately contact your physical therapist

PT for Peroneal Tendonitis

After your complete evaluation by your physical therapist is done your treatment will be started. Treatment goals for peroneal tendonitis may include decreasing pain, improving range of motion, and improving functions such as walking or running.

There are many treatments that a physical therapist will do for treating peroneal tendonitis some of these are


Exercise is the main part of treating peroneal tendonitis. Exercise focuses on improving your range of motion, your overall flexibility, your strength, and your balance.  exercises include calf touching ankle circles single leg balance exercises and other general exercises


As it is a soft tissue injury, hand-on manual therapy can also be used for the treatment lateral side of your ankle massage helps to improve circulation and increase immunity it can be used before exercise and stretching as a warm-up 

Heat and Ice

Heat or ice is also used by many physical therapists because it helps to treat the inflammation which is associated with tendonitis it is also used to improve blood circulation and speed up the natural healing process

Several other modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation therapy are also used by physical therapists. But remember that active exercises improve your condition more than passive modality so make sure your treatment plan consists of more active modalities than passive modalities
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