Physical therapy: hand and wrist exercises at home

The area of your body which may suffer from repeated stress motion due to improperly set up workstation is your hands and wrist according to many physical therapists it is an essential step to perform some hand and wrist exercises at your home to prevent painful conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome which may then bound you to an outpatient physical therapy instead of a home base physical therapy learn more…

  1. Some of the conditions which may occur due to stress to upper extremities are
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome
  • Carpals and metacarpals dysfunction
  • Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
  • Tenosynovitis

According to a survey carpal tunnel syndrome affects 8 million people each year and is one of the most leading cause of wrist pain and dysfunction because of repeated stress motions in an appropriate way

For preventing such conditions many physical therapists suggest home based hand and wrist exercises with the aid of your local household items some of these exercises are

Carpal tunnel tendon glides

For performing this exercises follow these steps

  • Keep your arm in front of you with your hand up as if you are giving a signal of stopping someone
  • Now gently bend your fingers down until each knuckle is bent and the tips of your fingers are touching the base of your fingers hold this position for 3 seconds
  • Return back to your open palm position
  • Now slowly position your hand in the form of a fist and gently squeeze
  •  hold this position for 3 seconds
  • Return back again to the open Palm position
  • Move to the  L position by bending all your fingers forward while keeping your knuckles straight
  • Only the joints where fingers are attached to your hand will move in this position
  • Hold this position for 3 seconds and then again return to the same open palm position
  • Bend your fingers at the first and the middle joint so the tip of your fingers will touch your lower part. The joint which attaches fingers to hand must remain straight hold this position for 3 seconds and return to open palm
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Rubber Band Finger Extension

If your work is mostly on the computer and the fingers are in a slightly flexed position because of typing for hours each day you may suffer from joint issues with your fingers. You can do this with the help of a rubber band. For performing this

  • Take a rubber band
  • Rest your forearm on a table
  • Place the rubber band around the tips of your fingers
  •  slowly extend your fingers against the force of the rubber band hold this position for 3 seconds and then slowly come back to the starting position
  •  repeat it for 10 to 15 times

In addition to these two exercises their  exercises which we perform for quitting hand and wrist problems
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