Precautions for cyrotherapy and heat therapy

How to Safely Heat an Injury

Your physical therapist may suggest you with heat therapy after any musculoskeletal injury. Heat therapy can be performed by using an electrical heating pad or by a heated towel.

If you are using an electrical pad then you can easily adjust the temperature and it is more effective because the risk of burns are decreased by this

Now a days in market Several other options such as microwave bags filled with material such as rice, or other natural ingredients are available too. But make sure that you use these with care because it can easily give you a second degree bun if heated excessively.

Always ask your physical therapist first before using ice or heat therapy

Follow these steps for using this safely

  •  Never ever use these treatment after workout
  • Don’t use it on acute injuries these are only for chronic injuries
  • Always make sure to use moderate heat especially when using synthetic bags
  • Don’t heat a towel in boiling water
  • Don’t use heat on your broken skin
  • Heat must not be used on swelled parts of body
  • Don’t use it for extended periods

How to Safely Ice an Injury

Ice packs are easily available commercially as frozen gel packs. You can also make one at home by putting ice cube in plastic bags or by using a pack of frozen peas

For safely using cyrotherapy make sure

  • Never use this treatment before workout. Always use this treatment after workout
  • Never place frozen ice pack directly on your skin and make sure to keep any barrier between your skin and ice pack. You can use a towel as a barrier
  • Don’t place it one point on body for long durations keep it moving so the risk of frostbite is eliminated
  • Never ice your injury for more than 20 minutes.
  • Ice several time a day instead of icing one time for long durations
  • Remove the ice pack immediately if you feelany discomfort such as bright pink or reddish skin.
  • Never use ice pack on left shoulder if you are suffering from any heart ailments. It can worsen those conditions

Always consult your physical therapist before choosing heat or ice therapy for you. In addition to that male sure that you are doing it accurately according to the guideline of your physical therapist because if done inappropriately it can worsen your condition and can lead to severe illnesses.

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