School-Based Physical Therapy

If a child suffering from cyber palsy then you may get help from a physical therapist your child can get help from physical therapy sessions by school-based physical therapy homebase physical therapy or by outpatient physical therapy will discuss the school best physical therapy and outpatient physical therapy for cerebral palsy

School-Based Physical Therapy

When you child Is in school they must have access to all the educational resources that are available to everyone like other normal children’s cerebral palsy must not be a hindrance in their learning procedures school-based physical therapist will work with your child when they are in school so that they can easily perform their educational activities 

The goal of school based physical therapy is to make sure that your child can participate in all the educational programs like other children some physical therapy session for your child in a school may be a pull out session which means that your child will have to leave their normal learning environment or the environment in which other childrens are working and have to work in the therapy room with a physical therapist

Other times the physical therapy sessions may be portion sessions which mean that the work with your child in their classroom environment

Most of the children were receiving physical therapy or other rehabilitation services in the school have an individual education plan the individual education plan is a roadmap for your child education and it will be only specific to your child which include different time frames for your child progress while in school your child physical therapist I will regularly meet with you and other medical health Care team members to evaluate your child progress and make changes which are required for proper functioning

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Some children or people with cerebral palsy may also benefit from working with the physical therapist in their clinic  also known as outpatient physical therapy. In outpatient physical therapy physical therapist provide specialised treatment to help you improve your mobility decrease pain and improve your strength and endurance

Outpatient physical therapy treatments may include cryotherapy heat packs kinesiology taping techniques and splinting for hand arm or legs strengthening exercises and range of motion exercises are also an essential part for an outpatient physical therapy in addition to that your physical therapist will also work on your balance and coordination

Some of the goals of outpatient physical therapy for cerebral palsy is same as the goals of other settings which are to increase functional mobility decrease the pain and muscle spasms and prevent the worsening of the impairments and symptoms the physical exercises will vary depending on your conditions and your specific goals
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