Stretching Exercises for Hip Pain

Your hip bone is one of the most important bones of the lower extremities. It not only helps you to move stable but also helps you to sit in a stable position. Sometimes because of any injury or illness, you will feel pain in your hip. A physical therapist may help you to recover from the pain. Most of the time it is very essential to take proper rest in case of injury before starting to move. But sitting unnecessarily for a too long time will put added stress on your hips and then it will become better to move your hips to relieve your hip pain most of the time physical therapists used the proverb that motion is the lotion in case of hip pain it is correct and you must have to exercise properly to build your strength, depress pain and improve your range of motion so that your hips can help you in the long run

Stretching Relieves Hip Pain

Stretching exercises may help you to combat your hip pain by improving circulation and reducing the stiffness of your hip muscles stretching is a simple way to boost Your activity and prepare your body for the exercise to achieve maximum results from stretching exercises it is best to perform stretches after a short warm-up so you may not harm your muscles

Hip Flexor Stretch

This stretch targets the muscles which are necessary to flex your hips. So we can say that hip flexion stretch targets the muscles namely iliopsoas, tensor fasciae latae, rectus femoris, and sartorius

For performing hip flexor stretch follow these steps

  • Start this stretch in a lunge position you can also keep a chair in front of you so you can hold this for extra stability
  • Bend your front leg to a 90-degree angle and keep your foot flat on the floor 
  • Your back knee must be resting on the ground
  • Now slowly push your hips forward until you feel stretch in your hips
  •  Try to hold this stretch for at least 30 seconds and increased time gradually
  • Repeat it on both sides

Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly stretch will help you to loosen your inner thigh muscles the butterfly stretch targets your hip adductors which is a group of three muscles that begin at your pelvic girdle and end at your femur they help you in pulling your legs towards each other

For performing the butterfly stretch

  • Sit on the ground
  • Bend your legs and bring the bottom of your feet together so that they are touching each other
  • Let your knee fall on each side
  • Now slowly lean forward and use your elbows to push your knee down so that you only continue to touch the floor
  • Try to hold this stretch for at least 30 seconds and then return to your normal position

Figure four stretch

Here is how to perform this exercise

  • Lie down flat on your back
  • Now bend your legs and place your feet flat on the floor
  • Place your left ankle over your right knee
  • Hold tightly both hands around the back of your right knee and pull it towards your chest
  • Hold the stretch for 30 seconds and then switch to another side

Never perform any exercise by yourself and always ask your physical therapist first whether it is safe to perform this exercise for you or not in addition to that also ask your physical therapist to demonstrate the exercise for you
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