Stretching exercises for sacroiliac joint part-2

We’ve already discussed sacroiliac joint pain and some stretching exercises which a physical therapist will perform on you here are some of the other exercises which are a part of your rehabilitation program for relieving the sacroiliac joint pain

Reset Your SI Joint

For depressing some pain in your misaligned sacroiliac joint you can try to reset your sacroiliac joint this is done by triggering your inner thigh muscles many people report getting short term relief from this treatment

This exercise is is called abduction of inner thigh muscles abduction which simply means bringing your thigh closer to the midline of your body and adduction means opposite of it you can try this in a standing position by simply crossing your leg on the painful side of your body in front of your other leg it can also be performed in a supine position

How to Do It

  • Lie down in the supine position with knee bent and your feet flat on the floor
  • Now place a softball or roll the pair of socks between your knees
  • Now in a very gentle motion squeeze the object between your knees for 5 seconds and then slowly release
  • Repeat this for 3 to 5 times but if you feel pain immediately stop doing this

Stretch: Outer Hip Muscles

Here is how to perform this exercise

  • Start this exercise in your supine position with your knees band and your feet flat on the floor at shoulder width apart
  • Now place the ankle of one foot on the knee of the other
  • Wrap your both hands under your supporting knee
  • Now with the help of your abs gently lift your spotting ne off the floor go only as high as you can without the pain at your sacroiliac joint
  • Hold this position for about one second and then return to the starting position
  • Do this 5 times on each side make sure to take rest in between the stretch

Stretch: Twist Your Spine

Here is how to perform this exercise

  • Start this exercise by lying down in the supine position with your legs straight
  • Keep your shoulders flat on the ground and lift your knees
  • Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle and then lower them to one side of your body
  • Move gently and monitor your pain remain in  this position for only a few seconds and return to your normal position
  • Return back to your starting supine position
  • Repeat this stretch on the other side
  • You may find it helpful to play with a pillow or blanket in the direction where your needs will go when you twist. This will offer a little bit more support and help you relax any excessive muscle tension

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