Supine Position to Relieve Back issues

Supine position describe the position of your body when you are lying down on your back with your face up your ventral side is facing towards roof while your dorsal surface of the body is facing down if you want to define this term strictly than we can say that you are lying flat on your back with no incline your arms are at your sides or bend at a 90 degree angle this term is also used as a modifier term for the exercises and treatments that begin with you on your back such as supine or spinap exercises if you suffer from any back pain or lower extremity pain then most of the exercises suggested by your physical therapist will be in the supine position this position hold and important role in physical therapy exercises and in in relieving different musculoskeletal system
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The opposite of supine position is prone position which is the stomach lying position in this position you lie on the stomach so your stomach is towards the floor and your back is towards the roof

Clinical Uses of Supine Position

Your personal physical therapist, trainer or your health care provider may use the supine position to describe different exercises which are used for manual therapy they will also use the term supine position when you have to stretch your back or have to perform any home based exercise program by yourself

The supine position is also used by all the health care providers or physical therapist for examining your backpain and suggesting that whether your Illness will go away through physical therapy or it need surgical procedures

If a physical therapist or a personal trainer is giving you any of the core stabilization exercises for the first time the very first position they choose for performing the exercises will be the supine position this is because in the supine position your muscles have to perform least amount of work to maintain the posture and position against the force of gravity.

Many excercises program of different diseases such as for sacroiliac joint pain for lower back pain and lower extremity issues most of the exercise begin with the supine position

Ask your physical therapist that whether if you are performing the supine position exercises accurately or not so they will observe you and suggest you that if you need any changes in your posture

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