Supported Bridge Yoga Pose for Back Pain

As we already know that Yoga is one of the most essential part of physical therapy exercises for relieving different musculoskeletal system disorders here we will  talk about another very effective yoga pose which your physical therapist may suggest you if you are suffering from  back pain 

The Yoga supported bridge pose will help you to relieve your lower back pain in this position the core abdominal back hip and hamstring muscles worked in a concert way to bring and keep the lower body in the air thus we can say that in this yoga pose multiple muscles and multi joint movements are occuring which can relieve the back pain it is one of the most ideal yoga pose your physical therapist will suggest you for relieving the back pain

Experts believe that it is the best way to activate use and strengthen your core

A research study which was published in the general BMC musculoskeletal disorder show that bridging exercise put the oblique abdominal muscles in work and is an effective remedy for non neutral pelvic position

The oblique muscles helps to establish and maintain a centre alignment of pelvis and lower back it has significant importance when you considered the bridge remove the supporting surface from underneath the back of the pelvis

Here are some of the most important and effective benefits you can get by performing this exercise

  • By putting stretch on the front of your thighs your balance between the strength and flexibility of your hip muscles will be established
  • Keeping your hands in the air can lead to multi joint movement posture education and core control
  • Buy this yoga pose your core muscles have new variables to resolve why are the strength and stretch of body
  • The supportted yoga bridge pose may ignite or strengthen the core abdominal muscles necessary for controlling the pelvic tilt it encourages a balance position of the pelvis which prevent the pelvic tilt and strengthen the lower back muscles

This yoga pose is considered as one of the most effective and easy exercises for strengthening and stretching your back muscles core muscles and your abdominal muscles make sure that you are performing this yoga pose in an appropriate position ask two physical therapist to demonstrate this for you so that you can perform this pose with out any misalignment of your body or any injury.
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