What Do You Wear to a Physical Therapy Appointment?

If you are suffering from difficulty in walking and in performing normal musculoskeletal system functions because of any factors such as functional mobility issues after surgery or due to an injury then you may benefit from the work of a physical therapist if you have been referred to a physical therapist you may have many questions in your mind and one of this question is that how to prepare for a physical therapy session and another common question most people ask before a physical therapy session is that “what should I wear to my physical therapy appointment?”

This question is a logical question because you want to wear a perfect outfit for your condition. you have to perform exercises and several modalities which can be affected by your outfit choice by wearing a suitable outfit at your appointment your therapy session can go good and you can reach your therapy goals quickly

In a hospital

If you are in the hospital then the physical therapist will come to your room during your recovery and you don’t need to worry about your outfit because you will be wearing the hospital gown but what about an outpatient session in which sometimes different exercises are performed or modalities such as heat, cold or electrical stimulation are applied

 In this article, we will have a look at the suitable things for your outpatient physical therapy session

For Your Upper Body (Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Back)

If you are suffering from an injury in the upper half of your body like in your neck, shoulder,

 arm and back then you need to wear clothing which provides access and mobility to these areas

For neck pain, you can wear a t-shirt so that therapists can easily see your neck and upper back also tie hair in a bun if you have long hair

For shoulder injury, you have to remove your shirt so make sure you wear a sports bra and if you are uncomfortable with removing your shirt you can wear an off-shoulder shirt that just exposes your shoulders appropriately

For injury to your arms or hand put  a shirt with loose arms or a shirt without long arms so that your affected area is exposed easily

In case of back injury wear a t-shirt, sports bra, and shorts that have an elastic waistband so your therapist can easily slightly lower your pants just to observe your lower spine but if you feel uncomfortable with any type of touch you can immediately stop your physical therapist
consult your therapists

For Your Lower Body (Hips, Legs, Knees)

In case of your lower extremities wear clothing that should allow your physical therapist to observe the affected part easily and in addition, you can also move freely and exercise in those clothes

For example, in case of hip pain, you can wear shorts so that your therapist can easily see your spine and you can wear the same for knee conditions as well

Prefer clothes such as a loose-fitting T-shirt, Sports bra, Hair tie, and loose pants with a waistband. Avoid wearing turtle neck shirts necklaces and tight-fitting long sleeve shirts
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