2 Abdominal Exercises for Physical Therapy

Abdominal muscles are made up of 4 muscle groups including rectus abdominis transversus abdominis internal oblique and external oblique muscles scoop of muscle helps to stabilise tea trunk it also stabilize over organs and assist in the flexion and rotation of the trunk

Strengthening these muscles help to support the body and may decrease the risk of back pain and injuries they support back greatly by keeping your abdominis muscle strong and can help support your back and limit the amount of stress place on your spine if you are suffering from back pain always make sure to  check in with your physical therapist and learn what you can do to treat your pain a physical therapist can help you find the best exercises for yourself which can cure your condition

They will help you in maintaining good posture and keep your spine in the anatomical position so that the spine pain is reduced

Before performing any exercise program for your back make sure that you take advice from your physical therapist to ensure that the exercise is safe for you to do and also helps you in treating your condition

Abdominal crunches

Crunches are very great exercise to strengthen your core muscles without placing much stress on your lower back and spine here is how to perform a proper crunch

  • Lie down on your back
  • Now bend your both knees into a comfortable position and lock your fingers behind your head you can also cross your arms in front of your chest
  • Now curl your shoulders, head and upper back of the floor
  • Keep your lower back in contact with the floor you should only rise up a few inches and you must breathe out as you rise
  • Hold this position for about three seconds
  • Repeat exercise 10 times
  • If you feel any back pain while you are performing this crunch you must stop immediately and check in with your physical therapist

Low abdominal leg raise

Abdominal leg raise is a very challenging but effective way to strengthen your lower abdominal muscles here is how to perform this exercise by yourself

  • Lie on  your back
  • Bend your both knees to a degree that is comfortable for you
  • The straighter your legs are the more harder exercise will be
  • Contract your abdominal muscles to lift your feet off the floor in an Arc like motion
  • Lift feet off the ground about 10 inches
  • After that slowly e return your legs back to the floor in the same arc like motion
  • Repeat this exercise 10 more times
  • Perform this exercise safely to avoid any strain to your lower back while performing this exercise 
  • if you feel pain while performing this exercise stop and check in with your physical therapist

ask your physical therapist

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