Are Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy the Same Thing?

If you are suffering from pain that limits the ability to perform your normal work and recreational activities  you may benefit from the skill services of a physical therapist to help you recover your physical therapist can use various treatment including exercise which can help you to regain your range of motion function of military strength and stretching ability

 If you are living in the United States of America you will see a physical therapist while in many other parts of the world when you suffer from musculoskeletal system injury you are more likely to see a physiotherapist also known as a physio

So what is the main difference between a physiotherapist and a physical therapist as we observed that the words physiotherapy and physical therapist are used interchangeably so how they both had different

There are many differences between the two. Physical therapy is a more physical treatment in the United States. Healthcare workers who have successfully completed a physical therapy education and training are referred as physical therapist in general they are healthCare professionals utilise variety of treatments and modalities to help the patients recover after injury or from an injury without any surgical procedure

As compared to other rehabilitation professionals around the world physical therapists in America more likely to use exercise as the main form of the treatment

Sometimes physiotherapists also use exercises but most of the time they use passive treatments like stretching massaging heat and cold therapy

Physiotherapy Uses Stimulation

Mehandi physiotherapists around the globe use electrical stimulation for decreasing the pain and improving blood flow of the patients. Some physical therapists in the United State also use electrical stimulation but its use is less common as compare to it used by a physiotherapist

Physiotherapists also use a wide range of other treatments like acupuncture in which they place a small thin needles in the body to stimulate nerves while in the United States physical therapist also some time use dry needling and by dry needling they insert needles into a muscle knot which cause tiny twitches in the muscle and is significantly helpful to treat painful muscle tension

In addition to that physical therapist work in hospitals but they also work in other settings such as in school or at nursing homes also in cardiac rehabilitation centres  a physical therapist may   also come to your home if he or she qualified for homebase physical therapy while most of the time physiotherapist perform their treatment in the hospitals
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