We have already discussed about what is foam rolling and what is its role in physical therapy for back with normal discuss about the potential benefits and risks and challenges which you can face while performing foam rolling


Studies have shown that using a foam roller put pressure on fascia and warm and increase the blood flow to connective tissue also breaking down scar tissue and restoring the fascia natural gel  like state this has several benefits such as

  • Foam rolling allows muscle to move freely and greatly reduce the risk of injury during any type of physical activity
  • It depresses the symptoms of soreness and swelling after high intensity physical activity by increasing the blood flow nutrients and oxygen to the muscles
  • It prevents new adhesions from forming and also relaxes after a workout which allow muscle to self repair
  • It induces autogenic inhibition the theory behind this concept is that when the  pressure is applied to a trigger point of the body the muscle internal will resist to it so much that the body may even shake as the prompt  to relax 
  • Sustain  pressure will also cause nervous system to send out a message that the body has had enough and the muscle and tendons will relax and stretch automatically and the knot will be released this is the basic principle behind the working of form roll

Challenges and Risks

Using of foam roller during your rehabilitation process for back pain is very effective but it is not a straightforward treatment there are some challenges and risks as well

Your different types of nerves run through the fascia and the pain can be felt in a specific area may not be in the same spot as the adhesion is causing it what will be called  as referred pain for instance consider your piriformis muscle which is a small muscle under the buttock it can cause lower backache and then this will be important to figure out the source of the pain in order to target it correctly.

In addition to that if you are using a foam roller incorrectly then it will increase your risk of injury and discomfort if your back pain is due to any nerve compression you may also experience pain weakness numbness and electrical sensation in your one or both legs and applying pressure to your back can make the condition more worse so make sure that before trying this you contact your physical therapist and briefly discuss them about your condition and possible causes of the condition

Foam rolling is not a very suitable exercise for you if your suffering from spinal instability or spondylitis or connective tissue disorders make your priority to consult with a physical therapist first and then choose any self care program which is right for your according to your physical therapist

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