Hook Lying for Safe Release of Back Muscles

If you suffer from pain while sitting in a chair and you just want to lie down on your back and let the muscle tension drain away then hook lying exercise is a perfect physical therapy exercise for you hook lying is often recommended for relaxing your back muscles and it is simple to do as well for performing this

  • Simply lie down in supine position with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor this position is also known as constructive rest position
  • The name of the position reflect the fact that the position give you a chance to relax physically while at the same time it keep your mind alert
  • An alternative way of performing hook lying position is the one in which you place your calf on the seat of a chair and on any other race surface that is tall and large enough to support your legs and feet
  • Another name for this variation of a hook lying position is 90-90 position ninety-ninety refers to the angle which your hips and knees make if you are using this position make sure to ask physical therapist that if you are making truly right angles or you have to do modification for making truly right angles
  • This alternative position will help you to align the joints of your lower back and lower extremities in neutral position which in turn decrease the muscle strain and melt away back tension

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Benefits of hook lying position

This physical therapy exercise will greatly help you to relieve your lower extremities pain including back pain as well in general when your knees are bent your spine tends to be in a little bit flex position. in the hook lying position the flex will be minimum if you are suffering from disc problem hook lying may increase the symptoms so immediately stop the activity

For supporting your back while you are in hook lying position you may think about relaxing your quadriceps muscles which are located in front of your joints just let the weight of your thigh Sink firectly down into your hips specially if your knees and hips are truly in a 90 degree angle this will be pretty accessible

Putting the weight of your legs into your hips will help you to maintain a small interior tilt of your pelvis which has the effect of slightly arching your lower back

Your physical therapist will suggest you this exercise specially  if you are  suffering from lower back pain and lower extremities pain and you  are perfect your daily basis activities mostly sitting on a chair

 make sure that you are making a perfect 90 degree angle so you get the maximum benefit of this exercise

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