Best physical therapy exercise for medial knee pain

As we have already discussed medial knee pain and its symptoms we know that having a physical therapist can help to deal with this condition here are some other exercises the physical therapist can suggest for treating your medial knee pain

Seated Knee Extension

It is another effective exercise to focus on your quadriceps muscles using only resistance bands for ankle weights. This exercise can help to strengthen the muscles and improve the systems of osteoarthritis, medial meniscal tears, MCL sprains, or pes anserine bursitis

For performing this technique correctly

  • Take a chair greater than your length so that when you sit on that chair your legs must be hanging loosely in the air
  • A lightweight can be fastened around your ankle or you can tie the resistance band around your ankle and tie it to the leg of the chair
  • For performing the exercise, without lifting your thigh from the chair slowly extend your injured knee against the resistance of the ankle
  • When the affected leg is completely straightened hold this position for about 1 to 2 seconds and then slowly bring your leg downwards (not in an abrupt motion )
  • complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions

Resisted Side-Stepping

In addition to your quadriceps muscles, gluteus medius muscles play an essential role in supporting the inner knee. Strengthening of this fan-shaped muscle which is located at the outside of your hip helps to deal with the symptoms associated with many medial knee diseases here’s how to perform this exercise

  • Open your feet to such extent that they are at the level of your shoulder and tie a resistance band around your both ankles
  • Slightly bend your knees forward and without losing this squad position take a large step at the side with your injured leg
  • Now slowly bring your uninvolved leg towards your involved leg until they are once again at shoulder-width apart
  • Your upper body must not lean forward when you do this exercise
  • Take 10 steps in one direction and then the other 10 steps in opposite direction.
  •  Try completing 3 sets to each side


This exercise can be performed very easily by using any stair-step in your house these exercises are used to activate your quadriceps muscles while making a daily activity of climbing stairs for performing this exercise follow the above steps

  • Begin with keeping your face towards the chair and your foot with knee pain on the bottom step
  • Slowly step up with your uninvolved leg and make sure that your injured knee doesn’t move in an inward direction
  • When your both feet are on the step then reverse the movement step down the first uninvolved foot and then involve your foot again make sure that your knee is aligned
  • Perform this exercise 10 times and repeat it 3 times a day

Before performing any exercise by yourself ask your physical therapists to demonstrate an exercise for you so that you don’t perform any mistake any slight mistake in these exercises can cause more harm than benefit
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