Physical therapy for text neck

Physical Therapy is also known to be a very effective treatment for a common condition nowadays known as text neck. As the name suggests it is neck pain that is triggered by handheld devices like our phones.

Nowadays the use of technology is common and it is also common to keep our Neck in the forward flex position for texting, internet surfing, and enjoying social media

Long term relief from this condition can only be achieved by using the phone in a limited way  and keeping our neck posture accurate


The most common symptoms of text neck include

  • Sharp and chronic pain in your neck
  • Radiating pain from your neck to your shoulder blade and arms
  • Numbness of your arms hands or fingers
  • Tingling in your arms hands and fingers
  • Weakness of one or both arms
  • Stiffness of neck and difficulty in bringing them back to the upright position after looking down for long periods

If you are suffering from these symptoms you must contact your physical therapist so that they can help you to deal with this

Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from text neck physical therapist will help you to decrease your neck pain and increase your net mobility a physical therapist will start by measuring your neck range of motion and complete evaluation of your posture some of the following techniques are used in text neck physical therapy

Postural Correction

As we know this condition is caused by keeping our neck forward for a long time in a flex position so your physical therapist will teach you how to maintain a proper posture. This can help to minimize stress on the neck and relax the muscles tendons and ligaments of your neck postural control will focus on both dynamic posture and static posture

An expert physical therapist will consider parameters such as your head position your standing position and the position of your neck when you are moving

Behavior Modification

As we know neck pain is because of our bad habits with phones some behavioral modification will also help to lessen neck pain this may involve holding your devices on the level of your face so that your neck can be in a neutral position or to reduce your screen duration and turning off notifications so that you don’t open your phone after every message.


Your physical therapist will also suggest you multiple exercises to increase your range of motion and lessen the stiffening of your neck muscles make sure that you follow the guidelines of a physical therapist properly and acquire a healthy lifestyle so that your text neck pain can be resolved effectively
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