Cutting Different Types of Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is a type of treatment used by a physical therapist and also by sports practitioners for stabilizing the functions of muscle tendons or joints it also controls the inappropriate contraction of muscles in addition to all of that it is also used for reducing swelling pain and uncontrolled spasms

It is a very simple treatment and everyone can do this. It is just like cutting tape and applying it to the affected organ but it is not as simple as it seems because there is a specific technique and pattern for cutting the tape and there is also a specific method for applying it to the affected muscles.

 It also vary according to different body types from person to person and from one organ to another a physical therapist will help you to apply tape properly after a thorough evaluation of your injury

It is also important to use the correct type of kinesiology tape and understand the ratio of tape to the muscle. You can learn about the different types of tape strips and how to apply them from your physical therapist

Some of  the different shapes and types of kinesiology tape are

Then I tape

One of the most common and the basic building blocks of the taping technique is the i-strip it is used for making other tapes pattern such as x pattern y pattern fan pattern and lift petrol

The most common use of I strips is for supporting muscle, tendons, and ligaments they are also used to facilitate the function of rotator cuff muscle, lower low back pain, and tendon pain

It is simply a long piece of tape and its corners are rounded so it cannot be easily pulled

The x strip

It is made up of two I strips and it is used to cover large areas and multiple joints it covers areas of the body such as the back of knee elbows or other joints it is used to facilitate your hamstrings

The y strip

The y strip can easily be formed by cutting an X strip in half; it is also used to cover sensitive areas of the body such as behind the knee and in front of the elbow. it is used to control the position of the knee cap it is almost the same as an X strip but it is not as long as an X strip

The fan strip

This strip is specialized to control swelling and manage diseases such as lymphedema for making of fans to simply cut and I strip and then make three further cuts in it leaving  about 1-2 inches and cut it so that ends remain connected

The lift strip

The lift strip is also known as a band-aid strip and is used to support injured tissues or treat knots in tissues it is used to treat conditions such as plantar fasciitis it is made up by cutting a small strip and then applying it to the affected muscle in such a way that the affected muscle is stretched 75%-100%
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