Electroconvulsive therapy is an effective tool of physical therapy

     For extreme diseases, extreme methods of treatment are most suitable


Most of the time we see that in movies when a patient is declared mental. He Is taken to the mental hospital where two big male nurses forcefully tie him to the bed and give electric shocks to her brain and the patient is shouting in pain. This left a normal person in horror but in original nothing like this happened during electroconvulsive therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy is a treatment of physical therapy in which an artificial seizure is induced in the body for therapeutic purposes.

It is a treatment that comes under physical therapy treatments
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In it, the voltage is kept at 70-120  volts and the time duration is 0.7 sec – 1.5 sec


It is used to treat some of the complex diseases which can’t be treated by other medications or treatment such as

Severe depression

Patients who suffer from episodes of intense depression, have suicidal thoughts, and are unable to maintain a normal lifestyle are given electroconvulsive therapy to treat them.

Treating resistant depression

It is a condition in which depression can’t be treated with medicine and a patient lifestyle is adversely affected by it so the patient is given electroconvulsive therapy

Severe mania

 It is a condition in which patients suffer from severe euphoria or hyperactivity which is because of bipolar disorder


It is a psychomotor disorder which means that mental health affects our physical movements. Usually involve symptoms like lack of movement and communication, very fast movement, and abnormal pattern of movements 

Musculoskeletal system

Shocks of very little intensity are induced in different muscles so that muscular function can be normalized

Benefits of electroconvulsive therapy

It is a good option for treatment in the cases where medications can’t be tolerated such as

  • During pregnancy where medications can cause side effects to the fetus
  • During old age when the human body is unable to bear the effects of the medicine
  • In people where no other treatment is effective
  • When ECT has been successful in past


 It Is a very safe treatment but just like any other treatment it can also have some side effects such as

  • Confusion
  • Anaesthesia side effects
  • Loss of memory
  • Physical side effects such as jaw pain headache or muscle ache


It is a very beneficial treatment used by physical therapists and other medical practitioners as well to treat different diseases which are not treated by normal medications or normal therapies. It is a very intense treatment but is very effective for treating many mental disorders. This treatment must be performed with care in the supervision of an expert physical therapist to minimize the risk of side effects and maximize the results
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