Exercise Program After Lumbar Laminectomy and Discectomy Surgery

A lumbar laminectomy and discectomy is a surgical procedure that your orthopedic or neurological surgeon will perform on you to decrease pain and improve your mobility because of spine disorders this procedure involves cutting your disc and bone material that are pressing against the nerves of your spine

After this surgical treatment, you may benefit from physical therapy to help you fully recover. the goals of lower back rehabilitation after surgery are to increase the range of motion and regain the original strength in your spine so that you can lead your normal lifestyle

Your physical therapist will work with you closely to develop an exercise program for you so that in the future your spinal problems are prevented this is  what to expect from your physical property treatment after spinal surgery

Postural Correction

After back surgery straight and upright posture is disturbed because of your spine deformity postural control is an essential step to keep your back in the optimal position and to protect the healing of the lumbar disc and muscles around it

Your physical therapist can guide you on how to sit with proper posture by using a lumbar roll so that your spine is in the best position

Walking Exercise Program

It is one of the best exercises you can do after lumbar discectomy walking will help you to improve the blood flow throughout your body and bring nutrients so that your lumbar region will be healing fast. This can also help to improve your cardiovascular health. the best thing about walking is that it is an upright exercise and your spine will be in its best position during walking

Hip and Core Strengthening

Once you master other exercises you can focus on your abdominal and core strengthening program this involves performing a specific set of motions for your hips and legs while maintaining a position in which the pelvic is stable advance core strengthening exercises can be started once you gain enough strength and stability in the muscles of your  pelvic area and low back your physical therapist will help you decide that which exercise is best for your condition

Return-to-Work Activities

Once you have gained back lumber range of motion hip and core strength you can start your daily life activities as you do previously

 Depending on your work you may need to work on proper lifting techniques. In addition to that if you spend most of your time in front of your computer then you must ask a physical therapist how to sit with proper posture for a long time

Discuss these factors with your physical therapist and they can also guide you thoroughly about this so you can never suffer from lumbar disc problems again.
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