Foot and Ankle Stretches for Warm-Ups

A physical therapist after an injury may suggest you foot, calf and ankle stretches before any type of exercises. A physical therapist recommend you these exercises so that you prevent any injury and in addition to this  theu can treat several diseases such as plantar fascitis, heel spurs and sprains by these except

Ankle and Calf Muscle Stretch

One method to stretch your ankle in a seated position while using a resistance band or a strap to pull the foot upward is called ankle dorsiflexion

This stretch will target your calf muscles and prevent conditions such as a achilles tendon and plantar fascia which are within the sole of your foot it is an effective warm up exercises but it also prevent and treat harmful plantar fasciitis which is also commonly referred as heel spur syndrome

Always follow your physical therapist recommendations on how to stretch and how long to hold each stretch

According to general guidelines it is recommended to perform this exercise or stretches at least three times a day and hold each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds with the set of three to five time repetition

If you are suffering from planter fascitis then make sure to do this stretch before getting out of bed or after prolonged rest period


The lunges or bent knee calf stretches provide you with the deepest stretch to your calf muscles because it not only target the superficial calf muscle but also target the soelus muscle of the the knne which helps to straighten knee better it is a knee ankle stretch which means it targets both knee and ankle this stretch also target the achilles tendon and plantar fascia of the foot

This stretch can be performed on stairs or on a flat ground while  leaning against a wall or other objects for maintaining stability hold this stretch for at least 30 seconds on each side and repeat three to five times

Toe stretches

You may not think of your toe as an important part of your stretching routine but the joints of the toes are subject to Arthritis and soft tissue injuries equally they can suffer from structural problems such as hammertoes and bunions this condition can be prevented from regular stretching

Stretching your toes give a good stretch to the plantar fascia which is a ligament like structure that attach the heel bone and ball of the foot toes can be flexed while squatting down or in a seated position or while standing in a runner lunge

Downward Ankle Stretch

Pointing your foot down what is known as plant reflection this stretch target the ankle joint ligaments and tendons at the top of your foot

To increase the range of your scratch rotate your foot clockwise and counterclockwise while making imaginary circle with your toes

This is a really good warm up specially for your ankle joint if you are prone to ankle sprain or tendonitis
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