Gait Training Exercises In Physical Therapy

If you are suffering from lower extremity pain you undergo lower extremity surgery or there is any dysfunction in the lower extremity then it is natural that you will be having a problem in walking and your gait will be affected. physical therapist called walking gate

Gait training is a set of exercises that are specifically implemented to help you work better. It includes improving range of motion improving strength in lower extremities and maintaining balance

We can say that the ultimate goal is to help you work normally and safely

Before starting any gait training make sure you remain in contact with your physical therapist and ask them to demonstrate every exercise so the risk of injury by doing exercises inappropriately is reduced
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Here we will discuss two essential parts of gait training

Assisted devices

In almost all cases, it is quite natural that you need an assisted device to help you walk normally after your lower extremity injury or surgery. Your physical therapist can help you choose the right one.

 the choice of assistive devices depends on your injury and your upper extremity strength for example if you are an old age person and you suffer from a leg fracture then your assisted device will be more preferably a wheelchair but if you are a young person then you can use a Walker because your upper extremities are strong

  • Crutches
  • Lofstrand crutches
  • Wheeled and standard walker
  • Cane
  • Wheelchair

Your physical therapist can decide which device is better for you and what is the appropriate size of that device they also teach you how to use the assistive device in addition to that they also decide that if you have to use the temporary or it is a permanent part of your life

Range of motion

After lower extremity injury the most essential part is to work on your range of motion that can be limited by swelling and scar tissue it can also be limited by muscle spasms and limited blood flow or immobilization for long period it is an essential part of gait training exercise to improve your lower extremity range of motions some exercises which can help you increase range of motion are

  • Ankle pump
  • Stretching calf with the help of a towel
  • Heel slides
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Hip rotation

It is an essential step to maintain a full range of motion as you learn to walk back it can help you to move your joints and muscles strong and to bear weight as well

Remember to follow the advice of your physical therapist and never take decisions by yourself or never try to do exercise by yourself

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