Games Your Physical Therapist Plays in the Therapy Clinic

So you have suffer from any musculoskeletal injury and after your physical  treatment you went home you have done your stretches and work on the strengthening exercises and home exercise program as well you may feel a little bit better about your condition and you are super excited to get back to your physical therapist clinic to show that you are making progress but have you ever wondered what does a physical therapist do when you leave the physical therapy clinic and no patient is left how do physical therapist have fun at the workplace and how they enjoy their life today in this article we will discuss about their fun activities which they perform at the physical therapy clinics

Mostly all the physical therapist are very professional person but when all the patient go home it’s time for their fun and playing games here are some of the fun activities that your physical therapist do in the absence of patients. Not every physical therapist do this fun activities but some do perform these activities for relaxing themselves

Stool Races

You may have seen The rolling stools in your physical therapist clinic in which you sit upon during a physical therapy sessions they are perfect for working in different conditions and quickly moving in the clinic they are also a great vehicle for moving so your physical therapist may challenge other physical therapist for a stool race at the end of their workday these rces are a source of fun and it just feel like a bit of exercise

Different stool racing techniques help exercising different muscle groups such as if physical therapist is pushing themselves backwards then the quadriceps muscles are being used the forward motion is accomplished by using your heels and pulling yourself across the floor in this case the hamstrings are used keep in mind that a carpeted floor is much difficult to get the stool moving when compared to a tile floor

Games With Paraffin

Paraffin wax is a therapeutic passive modality used in physical therapy to heat and moisture different body parts it is often used in the treatment of hand injuries and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. it is applied to your body by dipping the body part into the hot wax repeatedly your body part which is covered with wax is then wrapped in a towel so you can relax with the hot paraffin for a few minutes
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After a long working day when your physical therapist get free he or she may want to play parafin games such as challenging a game of attempting to remove  paraffin from one hand while maintaining the shape of the hand the therapist who can completely remove the paraffin without breaking the layer in the form of a complete wax glove wins the game 

Once the paraffin is removed from your hand it can also be used to mould in form of different shapes like small sphere or cubes physical therapist may also use paraffin balls to play at Little game of basketball by tossing them into any buckets such as in a garbage can small cubes can be used as a dice for a friendly game of craps

These are some of the ways in which physical therapist enjoy at the physical therapy clinics
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