The Slouch-Overcorrect Exercise for Posture

If you are suffering from lower back pain on neck pain then you understand how how awful the situation can be the symptoms from your back may make it difficult to sit stand bend and perform basic day to day activities

If you are suffering from these problems a visit to your physical therapist is always a good first step for treating your symptoms of back or neck pain a physical therapist access and evaluate your situation and can suggest you different strategies to help decrease your pain and improve mobility

Your physical therapist will prescribe you with back exercise to help improve your overall range of motion reduce pain and strengthen your back this can help you to move easily and it also helps in preventing future back and neck pain

One of the most essential steps in treating low back or neck pain is postural correction by physical therapist can help you keep the pressure off from the spinal joints and disc and can help to relieve the pains which is radiating from your back

A simple exercise for your back to maintain proper posture is called this slouch overcorrect procedure help you understand how it feels like to have yours spine in the optimum position and can also help with pain

The Slouch-Overcorrect Procedure

Before starting any exercise program for your spine make sure you consult from your physical therapist to ensure that exercise is safe for you

For starting the slouch over correct exercise sit on a chair with your back unsupported then slowly slides down into a forward flexed position your movement must be slow

After this step hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds and then move to the over correct portion of the procedure 

The Overcorrect Position of the Slouch-Overcorrect Procedure

After spending 1 to 2 seconds in the forward flex position it is time to perform the overcorrect position of the exercise for performing this right  sit in an upright posture as straight as you can it will help you to keep your feet flat on the floor when you will sit upright  a forward curve in your spine called lordosis should be observed you must be so upright that you feel unreal and you feel a slight strain on your lower back neck or shoulders as you are in the overcorrected posture hold this position for 1 to 2 seconds and then slowly release your posture you should now sit in a proper posture for your back. At the beginning it will feel unreal but it will get normal as you progress you can repeat it about time times and it can we perform several times each day by maintaining a proper posture
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