How to Fix Forward Head Posture and Why It Matters

Forward head posture is a complications which can  result because of the combination of sloucjed forward shoulders and rounded upper back that has become a very common result of modern day living and working style

Causes of Forward Head Posture

This humpback position can lead to painful shortening of the muscles of the back and neck as well as compression of your cervical vertebrates the position of the spine that support the head and protect the spinal cord is disturb severly it is because when your shoulders and upper back ate rounded forward and down your head naturally follows them pulling your eyes downward as well in order to see  the things in front of you such as your computer screen or the view out of the front shield you need to lift your head up when you do this your jaw will jutt forward and create a sharp crease in back of the neck where there should be a straight line extending from the back of your head to the middle of your upper back
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Other positions that can contribute to the forward head posture resulting from rounded shoulder include constantly looking down on your phone tablet or another device doing close why such as saving stitching and frequently carrying a significant amount of weight such as you are holding a baby in front of your body

How to Fix Forward Head Posture

Any daily basis change which can make your workspace environment or lifestyle habits more appropriate and you are sitting or standing erect and more comfortable will help  to reduce the risk of an forward head posture however if you are suffering from this condition then only these measures are not enough a study which was conducted in 2017 compared two individuals one was the group who only make workstation modifications while other group make workstation modifications and performs other exercises as well and result was evident that the group which perform exercises has overcome their forward head posture more effectively


The most effective and easy way to fix forward head posture is to perform exercises but always make sure that performing any exercise you consult your physical therapist which will suggest you the exercises which are right for your condition also ask your physical therapist to demonstrate the exercise for you so that you can perform them accordingly and don’t do any mistake because if you are not performing them appropriately it can lead to more harm than benefit and worsen your forward head posture try to do these suggested exercises for at least 15 minutes each day it is best to perform them in one quick session also you can perform this exercise in different sessions if you want
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