Pectoral stretch

Pectoral stretch

We have already discussed about to stretches which your physical therapist may suggest you for treating your forward head posture now I will discuss about the third stretch and how to check that if you are maintaining accurate posture

Pectoral Stretch

The third exercise which of physical therapist may suggest you for treating your forward head posture is a simple structure of the muscles that span across the width of your chest the pectoralis muscles or pets

When the shoulders move forward these muscles quiz together and tighten up so it is important to try to lose up them from that position are codna pectoralis muscle stretch is just like a push up at the wall except that it is players on staying in the position that cause your chest muscle to lengthen
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The third exercise is a simple stretch of the muscles that span across the width of your chest—the pectoralis muscles, or pecs. When the shoulders slump forward, these muscles squeeze together and tighten up, so it’s important to try to loosen them from that position.A corner pec stretch is much like a push-up at the wall, except that the emphasis is placed on staying in the position that causes your chest muscles to lengthen.7

here are the basic moves for performing this exercise

  • Stand by facing the corner of a wall
  • With your elbows bend at 90° angle and your upper arms parallel to the floor place your Palm and forearms against each adjacent wall
  •  inhale deeply and when you exhale pull  your abdominal muscles towards your spine to stabilize your lower back
  • Without moving your feet try to lean your torso towards the wall until you feel the gentle stretch across the entire front of your chest
  • Try to hold this position for about 20 to 30 seconds and then returned to the starting position and repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times
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How to Check Your Posture

Your physical therapist will suggest you to check your posture repeatedly while you are working at your desk for this purpose a small mirror place at your desk so you can see your profile from the corner of your eye and it can help you to remind to keep your body in upright posture while sitting you can also set an alarm on your phone or computer so that it can ring  after 15 minutes and remind you that not to slouch forward

Some time especially if you’re combining strengthening and stretching exercises into your daily routine you eventually won’t have to think about this anymore  upright posture feel better and more natural than slouching or leaning forward as it is the body anatomical position 

The human body was simply built to be in different positions instead of remaining in the same position for lonh periods of time   so if you are performing desk worl or you have to sit for a long time then make sure that you perform simple movements during this period of time so that your body doesn’t deform abnormally
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