How to Foam Roll for Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain then you are one of the 85% of adults who have experienced lower back pain and you know how challenging it can be to get relief and return back to your normal life from the discomfort foam rolling maybe essential for trying to return to your normal life

Foam rolling relies on a technique known as self myofascial release which work on fascia connective tissue that encases muscle muscle fibre and the entire musculoskeletal system fascia can become stiff which can result in limiting your range of motion and causing excessive muscle soreness there is a little research which confirm that foam rolling is effective for back pain and it has its own pros and cons but when you are suffering from back pain then it is always a good idea to add form rolling into your daily routine and physical therapist also suggest you to do so as it stretches the muscles of back and help to reduce back pain and allow you to move more freely and exercise easily

What Is Foam Rolling?

A foam roller is a tool used in physical therapy by most of the physical therapist it is a lightweight cylinder that varies in length and thickness most of them are 6 inches in diameter and have become an integral part of health clubs gyms and physical therapy clinic

One of the major goal of foam rolling is to target the points which are the adhesion points in the fascia which are developed when you have overworked muscles in its healthy state fascia is very flexible and has a gel like consistency that allows the muscles to move freely adhesions eventually heal but when they do not they become a tough non elastic scar tissue that cause severe pain and contribute to the painful knots that you can feel in your muscles

Physical therapist will find trigger points during foam rolling technique and will apply prolong pressure to them which is exactly similar to the way a massage therapist might work out to release a knot and loosen the muscle studies have proven that the following can be effective as a part of pre workout warm up to get muscles ready for exercise and to prevent any muscle tightening

If you have decided to choose form rolling for your back pain then make sure that you have consulted with a physical therapist first ad they can guide you more accurately about the procedure

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